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Review of the Lyoness Shopping Cashback Card and Home Based Business By Geoff Morris. Lyoness Member since 2012.

The Lyoness Members Cashback Card, which started in Austria in 2003, and now has well over 4 million members world-wide, combines a ‘money back with every purchase’ promise, with a very well-defined home business opportunity. But how easy is it for members to access these savings, and from that the ability to build a sustainable and expanding home-based business?

For the purpose of this review, I am only considering the basic fact that by becoming a Lyoness member FOR FREE you will immediately be able to save money (in the form of a cashback of between 1 and 5%), as well as a number of Shopping Points (explained later) on most shopping that you would usually do anyway. By recommending the saving you are making to all of your friends (after all, what are friends for?), you can save even more! The Lyoness operation is definitely a winwin for shopper members and merchants alike, but how does it work, and are there any areas that could possibly be improved?

From the shopper's point of view, the overall concept could not really be any simpler. Getting started is free, and there are no ongoing membership fees. All the shopper has to do is to make sure that he or she makes as many of their usual purchases as possible from local or online Lyoness Merchants. By making sure they frequent a Lyoness Merchant to do their normal shopping, they would be assured that every sale will generate a cash back of between 1 and 5% of their total spend.

There are also 'Friendship' bonuses and 'Shopping Point' bonuses that can also be earned for free on top of these already amazing savings. Introduce these advantages to a friend and you immediately start earning a ' Friendship Bonus' based on their level of shopping done in Lyoness Merchants. When these friends introduce the Lyoness card to their friends (and why shouldn't they?) you will earn this Friendship Bonus from their spending as well. Imagine if you introduce just 5 friends a month, and they do the same...

There is even a free upgrade to Lyoness's 'Lyconet' internet marketing package that will enable you to broaden your reach to friends around the world, with at least another 8 way of generating a substantial income. There are already over 40 countries live with Lyoness, with many more to follow. With Lyoness stated intent to become the biggest company in the world by 2020, it would seem to make sense to get involved now - especially as it will cost you nothing.

What about the merchant? After all, nobody in their right mind will offer a 1 - 5% cash discount to every Lyoness member unless there was something in it for the seller!

Every merchant's business needs to invest money in identifying new customers, and then making sure these new shoppers remain loyal to them. In exchange for the discount offered to the shopper, Lyoness will put into operation a very powerful marketing support program that will not only drive new business to the merchants, but also help the merchant to create a strong loyalty bond with these new and existing customers. This is done with the help of a very useful online search facility from a PC, laptop, or smart phone that can identify Lyoness merchants in the shopper's current locality.

Once a merchant has secured a new customer, to keep them locked in, there is another incentive, in the form of 'Shopping Points'. I will not go into the mechanics of these Shopping Points here, but in brief, every time you spend £90 with a Lyoness Merchant, you achieve one or more Shopping Points. There is no need for the shopper to spend this much in one visit, so two or three or many trips a Page 2 month could easily add up to one or more Shopping Point awarded. Each Shopping Point is worth from minimum £4.50 in further discounts on already attractively priced deals from selected Lyoness Merchants. Some merchants will use this facility to increase a bonus to attract business in certain areas, and may give more than 1 Shopping Point per £90 spend.

For those of you old enough to remember Green Shield Stamps, this was a very early 'open' loyalty scheme (not tied to any one company, unlike say a Tesco Club Card), where my car did not choose to run on BP, Shell, Texaco, or Jet Petrol, but on the garage giving away the most Green Shield Stamps. I would drive miles out of my way for 'Quad Green Shield Stamps', and that is the effect that Lyoness is beginning to recreate - with far more benefits.

When you consider that Nectar© merchants (another common 'open' loyalty card) now have over 90 million regular customers as opposed to Lyoness's total of around 4 million today and their optimistic target 1 Billion by 2020, you can see that if these targets are to be met, everyone involved today will be really thankful they did in just a few years' time. But who gets paid to recommend Nectar Points to their friends?

The levels of savings even when just considering the free cashback facility, and the Shopping Points, where you are already spending say £500 every month anyway, can be really worthwhile. Add to that the 'Friendship Bonus' earnings you can get from just referring friends to sign up for free and then save money as well on their 'Anyway Spend' monthly money, and this can be another money spinner. You can even earn that 'Friendship Bonus' on friends that YOUR friends recommend. Imagine if you got ten of your friends every month signing up to save money, and they then do the same to ten of their friends.

Used in conjunction with existing Customer Loyalty cards, such as Boots, Costa Coffee, Tesco's, Morrisons, the Lyoness shopper gets the best of all the special offers and other loyalty schemes. For instance, if a Lyoness member shops regularly in Morrisons ©, and also holds a Morrisons © 'Match and More' loyalty card, not only will they get their Lyoness cashback paid into the bank account, they will also benefit from the effort this Store makes in comparing their prices with other 'discount supermarkets'.

In the UK, companies such as Morrison's, Tesco's, Marks and Spencer, Boots, Argos, Curries PC World, B&Q, Costa Coffee, Pizza Express, Pizza Hut, BHS, House of Fraser, Topshop, all the Arcadia Group of clothing stores, Sports Direct, La Perla, UGG Boots (even Harrods! ) and hundreds of others are already Lyoness Merchants.

But it is not just the large chain stores that can become approved Merchants, and Lyoness are making great efforts to court and encourage small to medium sized businesses, such as local grocery stores, dentists, hairdressers, and other local specialist stores to become Lyoness SME Merchants. It is outside the scope of this review to describe the Lyoness SME program, but suffice it to say that where a small firm joins the scheme, not only will they get a massive amount of marketing support, and if approved, a unique catchment area for their new customers from Lyoness, but also another massive boost to their income.

If an SME such as a local grocery store cum deli has say several hundred existing regular customers, then where a percentage of these customers sign up for a unique free Merchant/Lyoness membership, if they spend say £50 every month in the SME store, but also spend some £500 or more every month in other Lyoness outlets (see the list above which is growing daily), every time any one of these customers gets a haircut, has a pizza, drinks a coffee, or does their monthly shop in Morrisons - the SME owner gets 1% of the total spend from their loyal customer base - and an extra Page 3 0.5% from their friends that also sign up for free Lyoness membership. One of the big failings of other discounting operations such as Groupon © is that instead of customers just buying the initial Groupon © discounted offer, there is nothing to attract these customers back again - unlike the Lyoness scheme.

By getting your friends and family involved in these savings as well, you actually have the basis of a very easy word-of-mouth referral business, which could grow into a powerful home-based business...

If your friends then recommend their friends to join Lyoness as well, then you will also get the same level of commission (0.5%) from their spending as well. I know this may seem small, especially if each friend only spends say £200 per month at Lyoness merchants, you will get just £1 paid in your bank. But say you introduce 10 friends, and they introduce a further 10 friends, you will then have some 100+ friends earning you in total the grand sum of £100 every month. Imagine if you introduced 10 new friends every month, and they all spend over £500 every month on food, petrol and entertaining...

You can accelerate the growth of this home based business if you wish by upgrading (again for FREE) to the Lyconet internet marketing solution, and perhaps even go International with your members. This will enable you to follow Lyoness's Career Path Program, which, at Level 8, they reckon will be able to generate in excess of £50,000 every month. I would recommend though that if this is a route you wish to follow, you should really invest in at least the Lyconet Starter Pack and Business Lounge (£120) and even the replicated Lyconet web site, which comes complete with built-in CRM tools, for a further £189. If you already have an active email list, this superb tool will pay for itself in in virtually no time at all.

So this all sounds great, and perhaps too good to be true - so what about the down side (if any?)

Firstly, to enjoy the advantages of the free Lyoness shopping cashback card, cash or at least prepurchased vouchers, become the currency employed. If your household's current monthly outgoings usually rely on credit cards rather than debit cards, and your cash flow situation is such that you would find it difficult to give up your credit card's credit limits, then I believe Lyoness is not for you.

Secondly, the method by which the discount is acquired, is currently clunky, and not at all easy to manipulate. Some of the Loyalty Merchants offer a top-up gift card, such as Marks & Spencer's, where you initially purchase on line a physical 'Gift Card' preloaded with some amount (usually £10 to £500). There is a delay (usually next business day or the following day) while the top-up card is sent to you by registered post (at cost), but once you have the card you can upload funds directly from your Lyoness account again and again.

Unfortunately, many merchants require you to order pre-paid paper vouchers, which again have to be sent to you by post causing delay and a low fee of £1.60 for postage. If you regularly spend say £200 monthly in Morrisons, any Lyoness voucher order placed over £180 will be sent to you postfree.

However, there is a very simple to use automated process for getting these vouchers or gift cards topped up on a regular monthly basis. This means that you will have to trade say 2 hours of your time every month in return for getting quite significant levels of reward in the form of cashbacks and more Shopping Points. I think that these few hours spent each month will produce far more per hour than any work-related hours.Page 4 Lyoness have actually accepted that, and are currently beta testing a much simpler, and far superior solution in the form of a Lyoness-branded top-up MasterCard. This card will be available early this year (2015), and will create a quantum leap in the number of Lyoness members, large merchants, and thousands of small local businesses.

This MasterCard, which will be the first of its kind in this form, will be a pre-paid MasterCard that acts like a Debit Card. This will also have a 'Master Pass' facility, which means you will be able to operate without the physical card, using your Smart Phone. You can even have your Lyoness Cashback loaded directly onto your card if you so desire. The Card will also have benefits such as insurance schemes, travel (including access to many luxury airport lounges for free), and also generate Shopping Point bonuses even when you spend in non Lyoness merchant outlets!

I think that these improvements, and some better training videos, will see a massive increase in membership of this huge free referral marketing business this year. I am definitely starting to look at this opportunity in more detail and have already enrolled in Lyoness's marketing division, the Lyconet internet marketing facility, which is the next stage in building a successful home based business with Lyoness.

With all of the improvement that I have now seen in the pipeline, and the imminent release of the Lyoness-badged prepaid MasterCard, now is the time to get involved in what is looking like becoming the largest company in the world by 2020. Better to be on the inside feeling warm and cosy than on the frozen outside.

Geoff Morris has been involved in various internet and multilevel marketing solutions for over10 years, and is also an Expert Author in the internet. You can get more information here on this world wide free to join guaranteed cash back and home business opportunity described in this review, which, in his opinion, is the best he has seen in all of those years. Or you can contact him at





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